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Cover photograph of my photobook "Of Strangers & Friends - Fotografien und Geschichten von Begegnungen"

Of Strangers & Friends – Fotografien und Geschichten von Begegnungen

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I finally made it. After 4 years of photography and 4 months production work I have published my very first photobook “Of Strangers & Friends – Fotografien und Geschichten von Begegnungen”. This book for me is just pure happiness. Because it treasures so much for me! And it was by far the biggest private project I ever did. The hours and nights I spent to make this reality are impossible to count.⁠

The content of the book is a 4-years journey where I had the opportunity to not only meet amazing new and very different people, but to meet myself as well. I massively developed and changed during the time and this project made me the person who I am today. Holding this book is holding great memories, beautiful moments, strangers who became friends, and love. Love that I created and received on this journey.⁠

What is in the book?

Basically this book is about the beauty that is in everyone of us. You don´t need to be a model or have certain looks to be beautiful. Coming from the fashion and beauty industry I wanted to change my course of photography and crush with the beauty ideals this industry spreads. With an empowering approach I photographed 11 wonderful and amazingly beautiful women that could be your neighbor.

I met them for a whole day, connected with them – sometimes on a very deep and emotional level – and out of the connection I built, I was able to get a glance of who they really are. The photos are accompanied by thoughtful written short stories about the days I spent and the feeling I created with the women I took photos with. The photos show them in uncommitted, real, pure and unedited situations that embrace the true beauty of theirself.

If you like natural and authentic photos and love to read stories about encounters and experiences, you should consider to put this book into your bookshelf!

Ein rundum gelungenes Fotobuch mit ästhetischen Bildern und berührenden Geschichten

5.0 rating
Jun 17, 2020

Ich finde das Fotobuch in jeder Hinsicht gelungen, optisch, was den äußeren Eindruck des Buches anbetrifft, inhaltlich: die Begegnungs-Geschichten sind sehr einfühlsam erzählt und berühren und die Fotos sind sehr ästhetisch und geben der Atmosphäre der Begegnungen eine visuelle Präsenz


Tolles Projekt!

5.0 rating
Jun 8, 2020

Ein wirklich gelungenes Fotobuch, mit schönen Fotostrecken und Geschichten.
Sowohl zum mal eben Durchblättern als auch zum lange Verweilen toll!
Must have in jeder Fotobuch-Sammlung!


Book details:

Format21,0 x 29,7 cm (A4)
Paper150g/m2 matte
Price13€ + packaging & shipping (self costs)
ShippingGermany + EU

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