Mindfulphotojourney – The Video Story

In 2016 I started my Mindfulphotojourney. Back then it was a side project I called “Girl Next Door”. Today it has become my major concept of photography. It not only changed my style of photography but had a huge impact

A Quick And Easy Guide On How To Intensify Your Connections With People.

Hey lovely folks! Today I have probably one of the most important topics I can talk about. Because building up connections might be the biggest topic of my life. I had times in my life when I had no real

A Perspective On Love.

Hey folks. Today I have a big topic I wanna share some thoughts on: Love. Probably a topic people can write a master thesis on. But I don´t wanna jump into a too deep psychological analysis about love. I just

Always Busy. What Digitalization Does With Our Feeling Of Time.

Ping! A new message on WhatsApp. Ping! Next Email. Ping! A new friend request on Facebook. Ping! Someone commented on your Instagram post. Since the digitalization has more and more impact in our daily lifes and routines, I have the

Mindful People Photography. 7 Tips To Improve Your Skills.

Today I want to share some insights with you, what mindful people photography means to me, how mindfulness helped me to achieve my photography approach and what you can do to improve your photography skills with mindfulness. But lets start

Mindset. The Basics You Should Know.

Hey lovely folks! Today I want to share my experiences about developing a mindset, that actually helps you to be successful in your own means. Because I think understanding the different ways our brain is shaped, is the very basis

The “Girl Next Door” Project.

Everything what you will find on this website, started with this project. In 2017 I had the first photoshoot for the project with my lovely Olivia. And this was the beginning of an amazing journey for me. From a small

This is Mindfulphotojourney. This is Me.

So here we are. This is a new beginning – the new origin of an amazing journey. I created this website as a space to collect and share authentic photography and mindful inspiration. But let me introduce myself first: This