I found Asya on Instagram. At first sight she attracted my attention. She is an actress, singer/songwriter and left the impression of having a lot of life inside. So I wrote her and explained her my concept. She seemed intrigued and so we decided to do this photoshooting.

She lives in Bornheim, a small town near Cologne. In the middle of fields and nature. A calm place. The house she lives in, is shared with 6 other people. From the outside it looks quite shabby – an unkempt garden, a rusty garden door.. but still with the charme of decay.

Asya astonished me in several ways. She is a very reflective person which enables her to narrate stories that catch attention. Calling herself a ‘storyteller’ is a good description of her talent. Though she might appear more on the rational side you can´t overlook her sensitivity. Asya has depth so for me she was a perfect partner to exchange stories and thoughts. I really enjoyed the talks we had.

She is so full of life and energy but at the same time very humble and calm. A very interesting mix of character and personality. And with a talent for mimic 😀 She has a special way to express things with her face and that was lovely to see (you may find a glimpse of that talent in a couple of photos here).

Since I don´t want to text too much here and let the photos speak for themselves, this shall it be. Expect a full written story and much more photos in the book 🙂

And don´t forget to stop by her Instagram: