I tried over one year to convince Kaltrina to participate in my project. It was really not easy to get her and because a photoshoot at her home was impossible, I made an exception and rented a nice flat to take the photos there. Yep, I know in this case I did not really stick to the original concept of my project, but it was so worth it. Kaltrina is a professional dancer (actually she told me she isn´t but if she isn´t I don´t know what is she then :D). Differently to working with ordinary models you can see that a dancer always delivers elegance to the set. She danced and moved in front of me like a fairytale but still I knew that letting it look so easy is only the result of years of hard training.

Though she studied with me Business Administration, she is doing “nothing out” of her studies but focusing only on her career as a dancing teacher and choreographer. And thats why I loved working with her: She has so much passion and power to only reach her number one goal becoming a well known and international choreographer. Talking about dreams and visions is why I do this project. Because those people are often the most inspiring ones. And though she did not really let me look into what´s behind her hazel bambi eyes – as most of the participants do – through the way we talked to each other and the course of the day I still got a very good insight in who she is.

An extremely talented, hard working and lovely girl who deserves everyones support. I hope that we will work together more often and maybe after a time she will be brave enough to show me what is going on behind the curtain. Because for me moments of opening up to people without fear are the most beautiful ones.

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