Esther is a Wow-person. I met her during a trip to Israel and instantly fell in love with her attitude and personality. We only had 2-3 hours for the shoot, but it was all enough and super funny. Esther has such a cute and charming character that even after leaving Israel I stayed in contact with her and now she became one of my best friends from abroad. There are not really any words to describe how beautiful this girl is, but it might be obvious through the photos we made. And I don´t just mean beauty by looks, but also by personality. Many people approached me because of her and the photos I made and told me what I was also seeing, when taking photos: She has something in the way she is – that you can see as well in the photos – which makes her very special.

Seriously I would love to photograph her everyday in every mood and I don´t think I would get bored. Just watching her doing her things is worth to observe. It happens rarely to me that I can say I really met someone extraordinary, but she is! Hope that I will have many more opportunities to take photos with this lovely human.

Convince yourself with the little video:

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