Finding words for my day with Sunny is nearly impossible. I don´t think I ever had such a deep and emotional conversation with any girl before. If so it must be more than 10 years ago that I can barely remember. The photo session I had with Sunny was so intense that I lost my mind over it for weeks. And the photos show that we had a deep connection during the shoot. There was so much trust and truth within that moment we both created, that I could just watch her and click the shutter without the need to talk. This shooting was exactly the WHY for what I am doing with this project.

Those amazing and beautiful photos were only able to happen because us wanting and allowing to fully get involved with each other. The rest was just the magic of connection. We shared so much personal stories about dreams and visions but as well about pain and blows. I will surely never forget this day and I am so incredible thankful that she gave me so much trust.

I hope that this photoshoot was just the beginning of an amazing story between us and I am looking forward to see to what place it will bring us. Not only is she named “Sunny” but she is the sun herself. If you ever have the chance to meet her, you´ll know what I am talking about!

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