Soap Bubble Adventure

I met Esther (nickname Terri) 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel when I photographed her for my Girl Next Door project. Since that we have become close friends and I literally use every occasion to take photos whenever we meet. This photo series is from late 2018 when she visited me in Düsseldorf. This was the first time I used my flat as an photo location, but I love the photos. And her! Can´t get enough of this beautiful photos *.*

Will save words here to just let the photos speak themself. In the middle of the photoshoot I started using a soap pistol that is made for little kids. But funny though how fast you can catch the kid in someone when giving them a soap pistol 😀 My floor covered in soap, we had a loooot of fun.

And because we had so much fun, I created two GIFs of our soap bubble action:

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