To escape the stress of daily life and work I decided to visit Madrid over my birthday on my own. After I booked the flights, I was going to Instagram to eventually find someone I could organize a photoshoot with. So, I found Lola! I probably waited one week before I texted her a message because I was not expecting to get an answer. She has around 13k followers so my message will get lost I thought. But it didn´t. Lola answered me, and we were texting a lot. After I explained her my idea behind #mindfulphotojourney and the way she was responding to me, I was sure that I had found the right person to do that with.

So, the day after I arrived in Madrid Lola picked me up in the city centre with her Mom and we drove to their house, which was around 20 minutes outside of Madrid. A beautiful place in a calm area. The interior has a very vintage style but with a lot of charm. I was invited to have a little lunch with her in the garden. From the first second I met Lola in person I was amazed by her charisma. She has a real catching personality but in a very humble way. She got dressed up and we were walking through the garden, around the swimming pool. The weather was so nice that we decided to use it as much as we can.

We were talking for almost 2 hours before I started to take some photos. All in all, we talked the whole day. And it was this kind of conversations we had, that puts you totally in peace. Just being open and honest about everything, yourself and your emotions, your dreams and bad times. But in a context of pureness, of understanding and empowering.
I did not give her any commands when taking the photos which at first made her a bit insecure. But she allowed it to be and that was just beautiful to watch.
So, after spending around 3 hours outside we decided to go to her room and all the time it was a mix of talking and taking photos. I was really stunned by her because I had the feeling that wherever and however I am taking photos they are going to be amazing. And not because of me and my photography talent, but by just her being her. I don´t know if she can see that for herself as much as I could, but everything: her smile, her thoughts and words, her creative passion, it made her so beautiful.

Her heart is beating for music. She plays the piano since she is 6 years old, today she works as a DJane and piano teacher. And when we were going downstairs to make photos with the piano at one point, I just put my camera down sitting on the ground just to listen to her playing. And I felt the same that I have when I do photos: Pure passion and love. She was so much into playing the piano that she didn´t recognized I was just sitting down and closing my eyes. She was one with the piano. And I could see and hear it. Those moments when you totally forget about everything and the time.

Like for the whole day I felt like I can put my heart in a safe place with her. Which was really mesmerizing. We had the right connection for all we did and talked about. And though she told me that her mind has been a storm recently she was so calm and lovely. It was a grounding experience and I am super happy to had the possibility to meet her. It´s a great memory in those photos and I am so excited about to see her grow with her music career.

Never stop doing music Lola!

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