I know Rabia already for a long time. We met at a photo workshop years ago and always wanted to start a free project but never made it. Finally in mid 2018 we used the chance and did some awesome portrait work. I love her exotic asian look and her beautiful ease. We had so much fun together and the photos speak their own language.

She is not only a great model but as well on her way to get an actress. So this combination was extremely tempting to photograph because I just love to work with people who can act. You can really play with mimics and body language. What we did was very simple but yet powerful. Just a simple backdrop, a one-light setup and her.

The simplest things are often the best! Choosing just such a simple setup is helping you focus on the important things. No distractions, just you and the model creating beauty together. I have to admit that I rarely shoot studio because it forces me to use photoshop. And during the last year and my new approach photoshop is something I want to get rid off. At least in terms of skin retouching, because it is just producing unreal results (and beautiful for sure, but not satisfying for my approach). Hope to have the possibility to shoot with Rabia again in 2019!

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