Janna is a thunderstorm. She has so much life and energy within, that it could be hard to keep pace. But as for most people who come in like a thunderstorm, the feeling tend to be negative, Janna is – at least to the outside – positive and warm-hearted. We had so much fun during the whole day. We were only doing stupid things and laughing all the time. Probably the photos will show the amount of fun we had.

Jannas passion is music and acting. She was telling me about it like there will never be something else in her life than that. I really admire her power for her passion, though it´s tough. Like for all creatives it is always tough to make a living. But she has the gut and the strength to reach her goals!

But as always just on a photo and with a little bit of text it´s not easy to really get a feeling of someones personality. So during the day I recorded some short clips which I cutted into this little video teaser:

Check her Instagram as well:


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